Buy Local

Small businesses are the foundation of our towns.  They are generous supporters of school fundraisers, sponsor youth sports teams, donate to local organizations, and contribute so much more to our communities.  

To strengthen our local economy and businesses, we all need to do our part by “paying it forward” and patronize our local businesses.  

The Corridor 9/495 Chamber and Community Advocate have partnered together to launch “Buy Local” campaigns to help drive customers and commerce to our local businesses.

Special thanks to Avidia Bank as a sponsor of the game.

Business Bingo (November 13-December 18, 2020)

Corridor 9/495 Chamber is combining a classic board game with support for local businesses. We have created a game of Corridor 9/495 Bingo that allows participants to mark off the different businesses they support with a chance to win cash prizes from the Corridor 9/495 Chamber. 

There are two different cards, each containing 25 different local businesses in the Corridor 9/495 region.  For the rules of the game and to play, download the bingo cards from the QR code.