Membership Investment

Base membership dues investment is $355.00 for companies with five (5) or fewer employees.

For additional employees, please add $8.00 each. This industry standard formula has been developed to ensure that all member dues are proportional to the respective size of each business or organization.

Corridor 9/495 understands the very specific needs for larger employers who have chosen to set up their regional or global headquarters in the area. Corporate Citizen Memberships are designed with you in mind. Corridor 9/495 will focus on your unique needs by offering a means to:

  • Provide Legislative Leverage
  • Gain Regional Exposure
  • Connect with the Community
  • Support Education in the Region
  • Offer Access to Employee Development
  • Help Influence Economic Development

For more information on Corporate Citizen Memberships, please contact the Chamber office at 508-836-4444.